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More natural


More natural

For vegans, vegetarians and lactose intolerants

Andalusian gazpacho with fresh apple and melon8,3413,60

Cold tomato soup with avocado sorbet8,3413,60

Bowl of tomatoes, onions and toasts with garlic 11,60

Bowl of salad and raw garden vegetables13,60

Bowl of chicory and toasts with garlic11,60

Candied potato with mushrooms and truffle10,1416,90

Carpaccio of tomato, fine herbs and big salt10,30

Red pepper with eggplant and onion roasted11,90

Toasts of red pepper, eggplant, boiled egg and avocado (no for vegans)8,3413,90

Steamed or grilled seasonal vegetables9,5415,90

Beans with onion and fresh mint8,9414,90

Bilbao-styled artichokes 13,90

Star of potatoes, mushrooms and truffle 11,9419,90

Rice with vegetables15,90

Couscous with sweet and our sauce 8,3413,90