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Our gastronomy: a pleasure for the senses

Casa Canut offers the country’s choicest cuisine. At his restaurant, La Grandalla dels set pètals, Canut family has managed to project his passion for fine dining through a gastronomic offering based on market cuisine, fresh fish and seafood.


Gastronomic restaurant, La grandalla dels set pètals


Gastronomic restaurant Andorra

Gastronomic restaurant in Andorra

Gastronomic restaurant Escaldes

Canut family aim of achieving quality cuisine has converted our gastronomic restaurant into the de rigeur location for lovers of good food when visiting the Principality. Casa Canut offers some of the best cuisine in Andorra, with private rooms decorated to charm and delight diners.
Our Seasonal Menu, Market Cuisine Menu, Gourmet Sampling Menu, Seafood Menu, Daily Special Menu and Children’s Menu are waiting to be discovered every day.

We specialise in cuisine featuring fresh fish and live seafood taken directly from our salt water tanks, particularly fish baked in salt, rice dishes, noodle dishes and suquet casseroles. We also appreciate the past, proudly selecting reserve wines from our varied and exquisite cellar.
We also place special emphasis on our pastries, served with a topping of fresh fruit. A wide variety of artistically presented chocolates is also available.

Our culinary proposals are in perpetual motion with constant creativity, but prestigious classic dishes are also on offer such as:

Casa Canut's classics

Salmon rolls
Salmon rolls with elvers and caviar
Traditional stuffed wild morels
foie gras
Foie gras mi-cuit
Goose liver
Fresh goose liver pan-seared in port and baked apple