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Artalroc, one of our government’s exhibition hall, receives from the 22nd of May to the 2nd of September,

an exhibition of the American painter Alexander Calder. An exhibition of 48 gouache paintings, painted between 1939 and 1976. There will also be one of his innovative mobiles.
This exhibition is complemented with a group of activities:
Sunday 27/05 – 11.30 h Guided visit and “Vermut & art at Roc”.
Saturday 9/06 – 11 h “Guess what I’ve seen! We paint & sculpt with Calder”. Family workshop.
Sunday 8/07 – 10.30 h “Calder’s point of view, are they identical to yours and mine?”. Woman’s workshop.
Thursday 19/07 – 20.30 h Guided visit at night.
Thursday 23/08 – 21.30 h Hirundo Maris’ concert with Arianna Savall and Peter U. Johansen.
info tel.:828 704.