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Autumn and winter frozen tastes

Natural Madagascar’s vanilla ice cream 7,10

Strawberries and mint sorbet7,10

Tangerine sorbet and spices7,10

Cinnamon ice cream with lemon rind7,10

Apricot and caramel ice cream7,10

Tequila Sunrise sorbet7,10

Everydays classic desserts

Delicate apples tart with vanilla ice cream (12 mn)9,00

Chocolate 66% fondant and icy mint (10 mn) 9,00

Suzette crêpes (8mn) 9,00

Cheesses selection 13,40

Crème caramel and crème glacée 7,10

Fresh fruit salad selected by our pastry cook 7,10

Swiss roll cake fresh cream 7,10

Flambéed strawberries with black pepper and vanilla ice cream 9,00

Autumn and winter sweet savours

Pastry’s cook crème brûlée 7,10

Black Prince: bomb of chocolate 64% with crunchy praliné 9,00

Citronelle: Sablé Breton with lemon cream and raspberries9,00

Brazil: walnuts cake with coffee and praline bavaroise 9,00

Andalusian: Orange dacquoise with orange and caramel mouse 9,00

Canary: Almonds biscuit, mousse of strawberries and tomatoes and mascarpone cream 9,00

Coconut: chocolate semi sphere, coconut mouse and exotic fruits 9,00

Vegan desserts without lactose and without gluten

Fresh fruit salad selected by our pastry cook7,10

Fresh pineapple caparccio 7,10

Orange with muscatel 7,10

Chocolate and walnuts brownie7,10