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À la Carte

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À la Carte


Bowl of tomatoes, onions and tuna belly with toast 11,3418,90

Bowl of salad and raw garden vegetables13,60

Candied potato with mushrooms, foie gras and truffle19,90

Vegetables salad, warm coat cheese, raisins and pine nuts10,1416,90

Carpaccio of tomato and parmesan cheese10,90

Salad of roasted pepper and tuna belly11,3418,90

Salad of endives and marinated salmon with peeled walnuts8,7614,60

Tricolor salad with tomato, mozzarella and avocado8,3413,60

Bowl of chicory salad, garlic toasts, duck’s ham and foie gras11,3418,90


Andalusian gazpacho with fresh apple and melon8,3413,60

French vichyssoise with fresh prawns 11,3418,90

Cold tomato soup with avocado sorbet8,3413,60

Soup of fish and fresh seafood 14,9424,90

Soup of broth and fine pasta8,3413,60

Handmade truffle cream12,5420,90


Slivers of 100% acorn ham and toasted bread with tomato 20,3433,90

Slivers of Iberic ham and toasted bread with tomato 9,5415,60

Toasts and stars

Iberic jam and toasted bread with tomato 9,5415,90

100% acorn ham and toasted bread with tomato 20,3433,90

Toasts with roasted bell pepper, Escala’s anchovies and raisin 8,9414,90

Toasts with warm truffle butter, black truffle and salt 20,3433,90

Toasts with baby eels and allioli 31,1451,90

Coca with roasted red pepper and Escala’s anchovies14,90

Star of potatoes and baby eels with fried egg on a bed of allioli 31,1451,90

Star of potatoes, fried egg and mushrooms11,9419,90


Cannelloni with black truffle 15,5425,90

Cannelloni Casa Canut’s style9,5415,90

Tagliatellis with mushrooms, duck foie gras and truffles9,5415,90

Tagliatellis with duck foie gras and mushrooms 9,5415,90

Tagliatellis with sage cream12,90

Foie gras raviolis with caramelized apple18,8429,90

Raviolis stuffed with vegetable, truffle and fresh prawns18,8429,90

Lasagna au gratin with fresh pasta and prawns 13,7422,90

Cod lasagna with mushrooms, potato and truffle 13,9422,90

Beef lasagna with mushrooms and duck foie gras14,9424,90

Market cuisine

Wild mushrooms sautéed with garlic and parsley 13,7422,90

Stuffed morels done the old way (with foie gras)20,3433,90

Small tender and peeled beans with onion and fresh mint 11,2818,80

Fried ecologic eggs with black truffle17,90

Sea bream (a whole piece)83,60/Kg

Corvina fish (a whole piece)83,60/Kg

Zeus fish (a whole piece)83,60/Kg

Roasted pigeon with salt and pepper 31,90

Partridge with ratatouille16,7427,90

Grilled pig’s trotters13,7422,90

Veal casings with steamed chickpeas13,7422,90

Rices and fish stews

Rice of rabbit and black morels36,60

Mixed mountain and fresh seafood paella36,60

Black rice of fresh cuttlefish in its ink 21,60

Juicy rice of fish and fresh seafood 36,60

Rice of fish and fresh seafood 36,60

Royal sea cucumber rice with sweet onion50,00

Juicy white rice of scampi and hake with garlic15,90

Rice with vegetables48,00

Roasted noodles with allioli 15,60

Noodles with calamari and mussels19,00

Cod in its broth with crushed almonds and candied potatoes33,00

Fresh seafood

Gillardeau oysters (8 per portion) 21,9636,60

Scallops grilled with onions and truffles20,3433,90

Fish tartar of oysters and marinated salmon22,1436,90

Warm Galician goose barnacles45,0075,00

Crab boiled alive 50,00/Kg

Grilled Cantabrian lobster 94,00/Kg

Grilled spiny lobster 188,00/Kg

Little Lobster grilled36,00

Grilled fresh scampi30,1248,00

Fresh Palamós prawns done in a crust of large-graine salt24,4839,00

Prawn tails with garlic15,5425,90

Steamed sea snails in mustard sauce13,7422,90

Fresh baby squid Andalusian style17,7629,60

Royal cucumber from Arenys fried in sifted flour30,6051,00

Grilled fish and fresh seafood36,0060,00

Fresh fish

Smoked and garnished wild Scottish salmon 18,0030,00

Salmon marinated in dill and sherry12,0020,00

Rolled marinated salmon with laced egg and sturgeon caviar15,6026,00

Cold mille feuilles of lemony marinated salmon and zucchini10,1416,90

Grilled fresh sole in its skin29,90

Fresh tuna with ratatouille 16,2027,00

Grilled fresh monk fish with sauce27,00

Monk fish and prawns en brochette with fresh mint and white rice16,2027,00

Monk with prawns and mussels marinara style17,4029,00

Beach baby squids sautéed with garlic and parsley11,9419,90

Sea bass done to your taste 17,9429,90

Sea bass done in a crust of large grained salt (for two persons)72,00

Fresh longlining caught hake and cockles in green sauce17,4029,00

Neck of hake Santurce styled23,00

Fish cheeks of hake and baby eels in Bilbao’s style 32,4054,00

Cod salad with olive oil11,9419,90

Cod au gratin with ailloli 16,2027,00

Cod on a bed of spinach and stuffed black morels20,3433,90

Steamed cod with vegetables16,2027,00

Fish cheeks of cod in Bilbao styled green sauce 23,00

Meat dishes

Fresh duck (liver) foie gras18,6031,00

Beef carpaccio with herbs, pine nuts and Parmesan cheese15,0025,00

Hand-cut steak tartare with its garnish21,6036,00

Grilled t-bone steak in a crust of coarse salt20,4034,00

T-bone steak, castrated at 9 months & sacrificed at 4 years (2 persons)69,00

Grilled Chateaubriand of beef (for two persons)69,00

Sirloin steak done on a hot plate in a crust of large grained salt20,4034,00

Sirloin steak with seeds mustard 20,4034,00

Fillet of beef with millefeuille stuffed with duck foie gras21,6036,00

Oxtail with foie gras slivers and truffle Parmentier 28,00

Goat shoulder baked for three hours with straw potatoes20,4034,00

Milan-styled goat chops with straw potatoes16,2027,00

Grilled duck magret 14,9424,90

Fresh duck liver done in the pan with Porto and warm apples20,4034,00