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Half cooked fresh duck liver18,7231,20

Slivers of Juan Pedro Domecq’s ham 20,7034,50

Rolled marinated salmon with laced egg and sturgeon caviar15,6626,10

Smoked and garnished wild Scottish salmon 18,8431,40

Salmon marinated in aniseed and sherry12,5420,90

Cold Mille feuilles of marinated salmon and zucchini12,5420,90

Marinated cod with crushed tomatoes and green runner beans12,5420,90

Bowl of tomatoes, onions and tuna belly with toast 12,5420,90

Bowl of salad and raw garden vegetables13,60

Salad of ember grilled bell pepper and tunny belly11,9419,90

Salad of endives and marinated salmon with peeled walnuts13,60

Bowl of chicory, garlic toast, duck’s ham and foie gras12,5420,90

Prawns and scampi in a caviar cocktail16,3227,20

Toasts with roasted bell pepper and Escala’s anchovies15,70

Warm salad of monkfish and tender peeled beans13,8023,00

Steamed or grilled seasonal vegetables 16,70

Soup of fish and fresh seafood 15,6626,10