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Paellas and fish broths


Paellas and fish broths

Paella of rabbit and black “murgues” (wild mushroom species)36,00

Paella of partridge and black “murgues” (wild mushroom species) 36,00

Mixed mountain and fresh seafood paella 36,00

Black rice of fresh cuttlefish in its ink 22,00

Juicy white rice of scampi and whiting with garlic 48,00

Juicy rice of fish and fresh seafood 36,00

Royal cucumber rice with sweet onion 49,00

Browned noodles with ailloli 22,00

Royal “caldereta a banda” of scampi (broth, rice and scampi) 60,00

“Caldereta a banda” of live crayfish (broth, rice and crayfish)90,00/Kg

“Caldereta a banda” of live lobster (broth, rice and lobster)120,00/Kg

Cod in its broth with crushed almonds 36,00