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Our meat dishes


Our meat dishes

Carpaccio of beef with herbs, pine nuts and Parmesan cheese14,4024,00

Hand minced steak tartar with garnish35,00

Grilled beef rib done in a crust of large grained salt 19,8033,00

Grilled Chateaubriand of beef (for two persons)66,00

Fillet of beef done on a red hot plate in a crust of large grained salt19,8033,00

Fillet of beef flambé with seed mustard 19,8033,00

Fillet of beef with truffle sauce 19,8033,00

Fillet of beef with stuffed black “murgues” (mushroom species) 19,8033,00

Fillet of beef with millefeuille stuffed with duck foie gras 21,6036,00

Oxtail with foie gras shavings and truffle Parmentier28,00

Kid oven baked for three hours with straw potatoes 33,00

Slab of kid with herbs and fork stirred potato puree 17,4029,00

Milan style kid chops with straw potatoes 15,6026,00

Spit roasted pigeon with salt and pepper 30,00

Grilled magret of duck14,4024,00