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Our fresh seafood

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Our fresh seafood

Gillardeau’s oysters (8 per portion)36,60

Roasted Gillardeau oysters with truffles and foie gras38,70

Scallops au gratin with truffles34,50

Fish tartar of live oysters and marinated salmon fish 37,60

Crab boiled alive 50,20/kg

Grilled Cantabrian lobster 94,10/kg

Grilled spiny lobster 188,10/kg

Grilled fresh scampi 50,20

Fresh Palamós prawns done in a crust of large-graine salt40,80

Prawn tails with garlic 26,10

Steamed sea snails in mustard sauce 23,00

Fresh baby squid Andalucian style29,30

Warm Galician goose barnacles 75,20

Royal cucumber from Arenys fried in sifted flour51,20

Grilled fish and fresh seafood 61,70