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Casa Canut’s classics

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Casa Canut’s classics

Stuffed “murgues” (wild mushroom species) done the old way33,00

Small tender beans, peeled and casseroled 15,00

Toast with Aguinaga’s baby eels and ailloli50,00

Bilbao style artichokes with Aguinaga baby eels50,00

Casserole of Bilbao style Aguinaga baby eels99,00

Potatoes and Aguinaga’s baby eels with fried egg on a bed of allioli 50,00

Raviolis with duck foie gras and caramelized apple30,00

Raviolis stuffed with vegetables and fresh prawns30,00

Cannelloni au gratin with black truffle25,00

Fresh duck liver done in the pan with Porto and hot apples33,00